Capcom’s updated best-seller list sees Resident Evil 7 and Devil May Cry surge in popularity, but Monster Hunter: World is still king

RE7 is a top five seler

Capcom’s “Platinum Title” list was quietly updated near the beginning of the year, and we’re getting a better look at just how powerful some of their franchises really are.

Monster Hunter: World still reigns supreme with 14.9 million units sold (the next highest is Resident Evil 5, a not-so-lovely Resident Evil experience but a great co-op game at 7.6 million). Next up is Resident Evil 6 (7.4m) and Resident Evil 7 at seven million even.

Resident Evil 7 has been slowly climbing up the chart in the past several years. Back in 2018 it had the number six spot with 4.8 million units, then pulled a commanding lead over Street Fighter II in 2019 as it propelled itself to 6.6 million units. At 7 million in 2020, it seems poised to hold strong and potentially overtake Resident Evil 6‘s third spot at 7.4 million units: which did not age nearly as well.

We also probably shouldn’t sleep on the Devil May Cry series, as Dante’s S-rank style helped launch Devil May Cry 5 into the top 20 right in time for its first anniversary next month. The Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition also managed to sneak onto the list with 1.4 million sold, and is listed separately from the original DMC4 release, which is sitting at three million sold.

Capcom is a character factory alright! All of their top 18 games include titles from just the Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Street Fighter series.

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