Capcom’s profits at lowest point since 2004

With all the amazing news coming from Capcom at TGS and their impressive lineup of games coming out in the near future one might assume that the company is rolling in it right now. However, one would assume wrong. Capcom’s annual report was recently released and it shows the company having its worst profits since 2004.

The company’s software sales for the year ending on March 31 totaled ¥66,837 million, which is a 27.3 percent drop from last year. The net income declined even more, plummeting 73.1 percent to ¥2,167 million. Capcom blames the poor sales of Bionic Commando, Dark Void and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles as the major culprits for this sharp drop, though it was happy to note that Monster Hunter Tri, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition sold pretty darn well.

As for the future, it is bright.v”Capcom is now ready to get back on a growth trajectory once again,” CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto said. “During the next fiscal year, we will release several major titles in the home videogame market and focus management resources on the Online Games and Mobile Contents businesses. We will go back onto the offensive to achieve growth.”

I will admit my future games to buy list has a lot of Capcom on it.

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Matthew Razak