Capcom’s barrel of Final Fight: Double Impact goodies

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In order to promote the upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network release of Final Fight: Double Impact, Capcom sent along a literal barrel full of 80s-style Final Fight goodness.

Once I opened it up, I found:

  • Poison’s spray on hair color (“For men, women, and everything in between”)
  • A “Re-Elect Mike Haggar For Mayor” shirt
  • A golden coin, one side featuring art from Final Fight, the other from Magic Sword
  • Three pins, including a “Mike Haggar for Mayor” pin (our idea, by the way, thank you very much)
  • A cassette tape featuring remixed Final Fight and Magic Sword music that will release in the game

All in all, pretty neat. Capcom rocks it again with some sweet marketing goodies. Check out the video for more details, and if you’re really nice, we’ll hold a contest to give some of this stuff away soon.

[Update: Looks like Capcom Unity will be selling these packages. Neat!]

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