Capcom wubves the PSP

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Capcom has recently responded to suggestions that it’s given up on the PlayStation Portable, with Christian Svensson labeling such gossip as “absolutely 100 per cent false.”

Answering reader questions on the Capcom Unity blog, Svensson confirmed that Capcom is still making PSP games, suggesting that it would be ridiculous for the company to stop. He pointed at the format-driving sales of Monster Hunter Portable as the reason why Capcom would continue to support the PSP.

“We may be the most successful PSP publisher in the world with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd and 2ndG,” Svensson stated. “It’d be a difficult decision to defend stopping development when we have such success on the platform.”

The PSP may still be regarded with a sneer from many gamers, but it continues to have a deceptively strong foothold around the world. With support from Capcom and Square-Enix, who both put significant development resources into the platform, and very respectable sales in Japan and the US, the PlayStation Portable’s reputation as a failure seems to tarnish what is, by rights, a rather successful system. 

Besides which, you’d be silly to think Capcom has given up — it hasn’t ported over a version of Resident Evil yet. That’s when you know Capcom’s done with a system.

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