Capcom wubves the PS3, is quite fond of Resident Evil

As part of a Q1 conference call that Capcom has been sharing snippets of, the Japanese third party has confirmed its support for the PlayStation 3, stating that the system is now in “full swing” and has an install base large enough to justify Resident Evil 5‘s release on the black box o’ Blu-ray. Capcom was asked if the PS3 could support Resi 5, and Capcom was firm in its belief that it was up to the task.

“We believe that PS3 has finally reached full swing after looking at the success of Metal Gear Solid 4, as well as future large-scale title line-ups,” stated Capcom.  “In addition, some reduction in the PS3’s price was announced at the 2008 E3, and we can expect its spread to increase by next March when our Resident Evil 5 for PS3 will be released.

“Moreover, as we are not only focusing on PS3, we would also like to spread our supply of software evenly between Wii and Xbox 360 while their markets in the world increase in a similar manner to PS3.”

Capcom also declared that Resident Evil 5 would stand out when it was released, and that competition is nothing to be feared by the respected publisher: “Capcom is not all that concerned about competition with distribution titles, since the quality of our Resident Evil 5 is also being enhanced. Rather, we are at the stage of devising strategies to expand its sales further.”

I have a feeling Resident Evil 5 is going to do just fine.

Jim Sterling