Capcom wants to know your favorite Street Fighter character

Decisions, decisions

Capcom hopes to figure out who the most popular Street Fighter characters are in 2017. You probably have someone in mind, but before you commit, consider browsing through the whole list.

Me? I’m a Sagat man. But for the purposes of this poll, which may or may not influence where Street Fighter V goes next, I’m tempted to vote in a different direction. Q, for instance. I miss Q.

This isn’t the first poll of its kind. In 2013, Capcom asked us to vote for our faves to “help with future games, marketing, and licensing opportunities.” Ryu was voted number-one globally, followed by Ken, Akuma, Chun-Li, and Cammy. This familiar group might sound fine, but considering how many characters we’re dealing with here, we can mix it up far more than that. Let’s not have a repeat!

This year’s poll runs until November 5, with the results going out on January 16, 2018.

Character Popularity Poll [Capcom]

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