Capcom to further experiment with cloud-ran games after Resident Evil 7’s Switch version

‘We will internally consider further expansion into cloud gaming’

As major companies push for cloud-based gaming (Google and Ubisoft are its current champions) Capcom is going to try to continue to make sense of it all.

Speaking during an investor Q&A for the first half of the fiscal year ending in March of 2018, the publisher laid out their current status: “While we did release a certain title supporting cloud gaming in the first half, this was done primarily for technological research purposes and did not have a significant impact on earnings. Based on the results of this research, we will internally consider further expansion into cloud gaming.”

That “certain title,” which wasn’t named in the translation for the Q&A, is none other than Resident Evil 7. It was specifically dumped solely on the Switch, only in Japan and had some technical issues to boot. The fact that it didn’t have a “significant impact” is interesting, but we can likely extrapolate that it did break even: or at the very least some high-up Capcom executive is keen on expanding into the space.

A lot of folks will want cloud gaming to go the way of VR (bombastically enter the market and then slowly retreat): and given the rental-based delivery of the service itself that would be fine. Just expect companies to continue to test cloud boundaries as time goes on.

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