Capcom teasing Tokyo Game Show reveals

According to a Capcom Europe Twitter post, the publisher has big plans for this week’s Tokyo Game Show, with game announcements and more.

“If I had to guess at the Capcom announcements,” teases the tweet, “I’d guess at four new games announced and some [Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters].”

We’d made our appointments with Capcom, and it hasn’t clued us into anything fresh… not that we’d be able to tell you anyhow. But with some of the Dtoid crew headed to Tokyo this week, when we hear about it, you’ll know about it.

Is it me or does Capcom announce a new something every other week? Not that I’m complaining, the last few announcements have been hits, including the user-created Mega Man Universe, Street Fighter/Tekken crossovers, and more. I’m honestly in the dark about what Capcom could possibly have up its sleeve, but last week I had a dream I played a Mega Man game that used Kinect.

Anyone have any guesses?

Nick Chester