Capcom shows that they are ready for the 2007 Tokyo Game Show

Capcom’s Japanese Web site has just launched a 2007 Tokyo Game Show teaser page, giving some details of what will be shown at the event.

Titles like Devil May Cry 4 (both PS3 and Xbox 360), We Love Golf (Wii), Treasure Hunter Z (Wii), Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (Wii), Sengoku Basara 2 (PS2), Rockman Star Force 2 (DS), and Wan! Tertainment Music Channel (DS) are listed. There are also three mystery boxes to keep us guessing. 

These titles are all listed as playable, so you can be sure we’ll do our best get our hands on these next month. I’m looking forward to some hands-on with Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, but Nick says he’s most excited about the cute doggies in Wantame Music Channel.

Nick says, “I’m going to spend all of my time with Wantame Music Channel. Expect great coverage of it from me coming out of TGS.”

Alright, I’m going to go before I get my ass kicked. 

[Via IGN

Dale North