Capcom sends us Spyborgs, back-to-school gear

Capcom, without a doubt, has some of the best promo goodies in the industry. Whether it’s the classic Mega Man 9 NES cartridge or the Resident Evil zombie hoodies, its marketing and PR team is straight up baller when it comes to creativity. 

Today, our review copy of the Wii-exclusive Spyborgs hit my doorstep (literally — the UPS guy threw the box at my door), and Capcom didn’t disappoint when it comes to amusing us. In addition to a retail copy of the game (which hits stores next week on September 22), the package included a “hand decorated” folder with a pencil case tucked inside. 

Inside the pencil case was a Spyborgs branded pencil (along with a sharpener), ruler/stencil, and eraser. Also included, a folded piece of torn loose leaf paper. Hit the jump to see what it said.

Very cute. I’ll be spending the weekend playing Spyborgs, and I’ll answer this question in our review next week.

Nick Chester