Capcom says Seth and Sagat are overpowered in SFIV (duh)

Everybody knows that Street Fighter IV has a few balance issues, and that characters like Seth and Sagat may be taking the piss just a little bit when it comes to how beefed up they are. Capcom has admitted as much, saying they perhaps turned out a “little” stronger than anticipated. You think?

“Yes, Seth and perhaps Sagat might have turned out a little bit stronger than we expected,” admits the arcade version’s assistant producer, Ryota Niitsuma. 

Despite this, Nittsuma believes that they’re not quite as uber as people are making them out to be: “A good player of another character can always beat a good Sagat player or a good Seth player. I don’t think it’s too out of proportion, but we do acknowledge that they turned out a bit more powerful than we expected.”

Capcom has acknowledged Seth’s considerable strength before, but it’s always nice to see a studio take its lumps when necessary. What about you? Do you think the stories about Seth and Sagat are greatly exaggerated, or do they need a good nerfing?

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