Capcom runs us through the history of the memorable Monster Hunter fiend Barioth

Born in 2009 in Monster Hunter 3

At this point it’s fair to say that Monster Hunter has more than a few “iconic” creatures. Does Barioth make that list? Well that’s up to you, especially after its Iceborne debut.

Created for Monster Hunter 3, the Wii exclusive released in 2009 in Japan, the cat-wyvern thing appeared in several other games, including the spinoffs of 3. It’s also back in Iceborne, which launched several months ago on consoles and is due on PC this week.

Capcom is taking us on a stroll down memory lane in the video below, contrasting its original appearance with the new Monster Hunter World engine. These kinds of clips, while short, serve as a highly effective showcase of just how far games have come.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne arrives on PC on January 9.

Chris Carter
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