Capcom really went all out for Mega Man’s 30th anniversary at TGS

Here’s a giant gallery

One way Capcom has always done right by the Mega Man series is merch. It didn’t matter what the status of any given series or subseries was: at any point in the franchise’s 30 year history, there was oodles of merch, much of which was crafted by companies or publishers who really care about the series and put effort into their creations.

But Mega Man isn’t dormant anymore in 2018. It’s a vibrant property with a second wind, capped by the brand new Mega Man 11 that universally beloved at the moment. To celebrate Capcom kind of went all-out on their 30th anniversary at TGS this week, as seen by the photos snapped by our very own Niero.

My favorite bit is easily the detailed timeline of every main entry, complete with in-game sprites. I’d also love to get a copy of that giant stage select screen banner.

Chris Carter
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