Capcom owns the PSP: Monster Hunter takes three slots in the top five

Perhaps it’s not too hard get a lot of games into a system’s all-time top five when you have hardly any competition, but Capcom’s Monster Hunter series is still bending over the PSP’s sales charts and using it like its own private f*ckpuppet. As the PSP hardware itself shifts over ten million units in Japan, three games in Capcom’s Monster Hunter series have sold a combined 4,771,993 copies.

Monster Hunter is joined in the top selling list by Crisis Core and Phantasy Star Portable. These figures chart Japanese sales from December 12 2004 to August 24 2008, and the top five PSP games plus their figures rank as follows:

1. Monster Hunter 2nd G (Capcom) March 27, 2008 Release: 2,396,642 copies sold
2. Monster Hunter 2nd (Capcom) February 22, 2007 Release: 1,706,387 copies sold
3. Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII (Square Enix) September 13, 2007: 790,705 copies sold
4. Monster Hunter Portable (Capcom) December 1, 2005: 668,964 copies sold
5. Phantasy Star Portable (SEGA) July 31, 2008: 545,242 copies sold

So, the PSP is still doing well in its homeland and Capcom is doing ludicrously well from it. Personally I don’t get the Monster Hunter games, but since people in Japan love monsters, collecting and absurdly oversized swords, I can see why it’s popular.

James Stephanie Sterling