Capcom on Wii: total sales numbers of titles is surprising

With Nintendo’s Wii being the end-all best-selling anything and everything of all time (if you believe Nintendo), you’d expect to see mind-blowing sales numbers of Wii game titles. And if we’re talking about Mario Kart Wii or that stupid Wii Play, then sure, you’ll get those through-the-roof numbers. But how does Capcom fare?

The lifetime sales numbers (via NPD) of these Capcom titles are surprising:

  • Resident Evil 4 Wii – 759,000 units sold 
  • Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles – 398,800
  • Okami – 165,900
  • Zack & Wiki – 116,600  

First off, as far as Resident Evil 4 is concerned, that’s not bad for a game that has sold like gangbusters on two consoles before it. And guess that just short of 400k isn’t bad for Umbrella Chronicles, though it seems like I’m the only person who liked it sometimes.

But the rest? How disappointing! Both Zack & Wiki and Okami were fantastic games, but they didn’t get the love as far as gamer’s wallets are concerned. I was wondering why Z&W is in reduction bins. If you haven’t picked that up, go get it for $15-$20 now! Tell Capcom that we’ll buy a sequel.

Ah, it’s probably already too late.

[Via IGN]

Dale North