Capcom of Europe says Mega Man 11 won’t be released in the region physically, ‘no amiibo plans’


Globalization as it pertains to digital goods is strange. One region could have a version of a game that’s localized entirely in your language, and because of potential region locking hardware or just plain old rights issues, you’d never get to play it unless you felt like doing a lot of legwork. This case isn’t quite so extreme, but it’s a bummer.

Although the US and Japan are getting Mega Man 11 and the amiibo physically on Switch, Capcom of Europe has announced that UK and European residents will get nothing of the sort. Not only is Mega Man 11 right out in terms of a physical release, but Capcom currently has “no announcement” when it comes to the distribution of the new figure.

In other words, it’s looking like you’ll need to import the game if you either want a hard copy or the figure itself — which presumably interacts with the game. That…sucks? There’s no other way to say it.

Mega Man 11 and Mega Man amiibo to launch on 2 October [The Nintendo Channel]

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