Capcom needs help with bringing the New Hotness

Seth from Capcom Unity sends word that the Big C is looking for help with many of the new titles we’ve all been beating down their door for.

He says that fifteen projects are in the works, and more will be announced soon. Among the listed are Dark Void, Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, Commando 3, Rocketmen, Talisman, MotoGP, and Okami Wii. But my mind quickly moves to the ones that aren’t listed. Don’t tease, Capcom. You know we’re daydreaming about Resident Evil V and Dead Rising 2.

To me, the only thing better than playing these new Capcom titles would be working with them to make these sure-to-be blockbusters. Capcom says that they’re “looking for the best of the best” to join their team. They’re looking for art directors, producers, QA managers, and more. I know that a lot of industry people read this fine Web site. If you’ve got what it takes, be brave and shameless — get in there and get these games done!

Get in there and finish Street Fighter IV! Finish Zack & Wiki 2!

Too bad they’re not looking for a musical composer. Only with me would they have someone who has a perverse love for Capcom games and their music, and can bust out rich, epic game scores for next to nothing. Hell, I’d work for credits and a Ryu plushie!

Dale North