Capcom might do a Resident Evil 2 remake, or at least, fix up another classic

A good rumor, like a zombie, doesn’t die easily. Capcom have yet to dismiss the potential of more Resident Evil remakes. Why the hell would they? The Resident Evil 1 remake for the GameCube was top-notch, worthy of the repurchase.

Recently, at WonderCon, Capcom representative Mike Webster responded to a fan question about the possibility of a Resident Evil 2 remake. “Stay tuned, we absolutely understand that these are classic games,” he said. “Some announcements that you will be very interested in [are on the way].”

Slippery? Absolutely. Webster could have been referring to any number of Capcom’s long list of classic titles. Strider comes immediately to mind, but Final Fight doesn’t seem that far-fetched either. (Doesn’t Zangief look cute with his Haggar uniform?) Of course, he could have been actually referring to a RE: 2 remake, which I believe, should make everyone very excited.

[via Slashgamer]

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