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Capcom makes the fatal error of mentioning Dino Crisis 2 on the game’s birthday

Fans still badly want that remake.

Capcom’s classic dinosaur-themed survival sequel Dino Crisis 2 celebrated its 23rd birthday recently. Unfortunately, the developer has been unable to mark this momentous occasion without being drowned out by fans wanting a remake of the game.

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In a post on Twitter, the Japanese Capcom account uploaded a simple image from Dino Crisis 2 along with a message about the game releasing on September 13, 2000.

Where a string of comments sending congratulations on reaching such a milestone should have been, people instead took the opportunity to ask Capcom whether the retro title would ever be remade.

So concerned with whether or not they could…

Currently, despite the swathe of Resident Evil games that have been given a new lease on life, Capcom has no plans to rejuvenate the Dino Crisis series.

Despite the dozens of comments asking the company to remake the second game (and the first, in fact), the studio has shown little interest in bringing it back.

Existing largely as a Resident Evil-esque franchise, the first two Dino Crisis entries enjoyed a fair amount of success back at the turn of the new millennium. There was a third game that was released in 2000 for the OG Xbox system, as well as a light-gun spin-off called Dino Stalker. Neither of these were received favorably.

But with the success that Capcom has been experiencing with RE remakes, and with a lot of demand, it’s clear that fans would like to see either Dino Crisis or Dino Crisis 2 get another stab in the gaming world.

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