Capcom losing mind over Swine Flu, could limit E3 appearance

Capcom Japan has apparently joined the rudderless morons who are all crying and whimpering over a disease that has claimed less lives than regular, bottom-feeding flu germs, having allegedly canceled its international E3 travel plans. A spokesman for the Nordic Game expo in Sweden has stated that Capcom pulled out of the event, “due to restrictions on foreign travel amid fears of an influenza outbreak.”

The ludicrous panic over Swine Flu could also have an affect on Capcom Japan’s E3 plans, with the company “undecided” on whether or not it will come to LA next month. Luckily, Capcom’s US and European wings will be in attendance, but we could be without Japanese representation. It’s worth pointing out of course that Japan’s culture is very sick-centric (not in that way!), so it’s not a surprise that Capcom Japan is cautious. Even so, this Swine Flu nonsense is very silly stuff. 

Some idiots have already expressed their fears over Swine Flu at E3, but if somebody actually contracts it there, I will find a live pig and lick it. What will happen, however, is that some nerd who hasn’t had human contact in years will get sick due to suddenly being around a huge amount of people, then everyone else will freak out and scream that it’s Swine Flu, even though it’s just common garden Nerd Sickness. E3 will then be shut down, Peter Molyneux will be de-loused and Los Angeles will have a nuke dropped on it to prevent the spread of infection. 

Also, if I see one more imbecile wearing a useless face mask, I will sneeze into their f*cking eyes.

Jim Sterling