Capcom likely won’t fix Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS 9

Beat it before you update

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is a pretty great game on iOS. It’s a shame then, to learn that Capcom probably isn’t going to update the game to support the recently released iOS 9. According to the game’s official iTunes page, Capcom notes, “This application is not compatible with iOS 9 (including the beta). There are currently no plans to update this application in the future. Please keep this in mind when updating your OS.”

Uh, okay. So, if you have the game currently and haven’t updated to iOS 9, it would be a great time to do so. Although a lot of developers herald the iOS market as the bastion of simplicity, issues like this do come up every now and then. Hopefully Capcom will do the right thing and make an effort to patch this up, especially when you consider that the game just came out last year.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [iTunes]

Chris Carter
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