Capcom launches ridiculously sexy Okami art site

Say what you will about will about Clover Studios’ Okami (and what else can you say other than “It’s totally sweet”?), but there’s no arguing that the game is simply gorgeous. The watercolor-style cel-shaded graphics were proof enough that you didn’t need next generation power to wow gamers with stunning visuals.

With this in mind, Capcom has launched an Okami Art Web site, which is home to over 300 original Okami illustrations. This doesn’t even take into account the site’s ever-growing fan art section, and the handful of desktop wallpapers that are all screaming for me to “Right click … Set as Desktop Background.”

The site also acts a nice gateway drug that might lead people to buy Udon Entertainment’s sweet Okami: Official Complete Works art book. It’s also a slick reminder that Ready At Dawn’s Wii port of Okami will hit North American shelves on April 15. Anyone looking forward to taking the game’s white wolf goddess of the sun, Amaterasu for another — or first, perpahs — spin on Nintendo’s console?

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