Capcom just added so much game music to Spotify

Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Monster Hunter, etc

This should be a sweet melody to plenty of ears: Capcom has made it rather easy to listen to a ton of its music

Capcom recently bolstered its Spotify presence by adding (by my count) 61 albums’ worth of official soundtracks and arrangements. There’s so much here. Scrolling through, I notice a bunch of Mega Man, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Breath of Fire, and Ace Attorney. You’ll find it all under the artist name “Capcom Sound Team.” (I’m starting off with jazz renditions of Monster Hunter tracks.)

It’s far from exhaustive, though. There are plenty of notable exclusions like Resident Evil, Marvel vs. Capcom, Dino Crisis, and Dead Rising. Also, a lot of it is in Japanese, meaning you’ll have to just sort of navigate the best you can.

But that doesn’t discount the fact there are now hundreds of hours of Capcom tracks readily available to easily stream. Sometimes — not always, but sometimes — the internet is a pretty cool place.

Capcom Sound Team [Spotify]

Brett Makedonski
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