Capcom is very trusting, wants you to choose SSF II Turbo HD achievements

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Be a part of videogame history! Capcom wants you to choose an achievement for the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade gem, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix! The voting was officially launched today, and Capcom has presented Street Fighter nerds with seven potential achievements:

*Beat Akuma (Arcade Mode)
*Win with every character in an Online Ranked Match
*5 Perfect Rounds in Ranked Online Matches
*5 Perfect Rounds in Story Mode (Any difficulty level)
*Defeat an opponent in under 15 seconds, Arcade mode
*Perform a 7-hit combo or higher (any mode, including training)
*Defeat Sagat with Ryu’s Fierce Dragon Punch (any mode)

As of this writing, “Defeat Sagat with Ryu’s Fierce Dragon Punch” is in the lead, with 40% of the vote. Both “5 perfect Rounds” achievements don’t appear to stand a chance; perhaps because they’re like, totally impossible to get? Who knows. Voting goes until October 1st, when the winning achievement should be announced.

Can you think of any achievements you’d like to see on that list that didn’t make it? Capcom aren’t listening, but we are, and if we ever remake a version of Street Fighter II for XBLA, we’ll be sure to try to get them in.

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