Capcom is sorry about the Street Fighter V beta

Beta players will get an ‘incentive’

The first Street Fighter V beta didn’t go over so well. Despite Capcom’s best efforts, error messages were a frequent sight among participants. Players struggled to get into matches all weekend.

“After three days of testing, while we were making progress and collecting valuable data, we felt the majority of players were not having a good experience, and the best course of action would be to take the servers offline for extended maintenance,” said Capcom. “We will be postponing our first beta phase until we believe the experience is going to be a positive one for players.”

While specifics aren’t finalized yet, the company plans to host “at least three full beta tests prior to the game’s launch [in March 2016].” And, thank goodness, this weekend’s failed experiment “will not count toward our previously announced beta test allotments.”

Capcom says it is also putting together a “worthwhile in-game incentive” for folks who managed to take part in this first test. It’ll be available to North American, European, and Asian players, “as all territories were inconvenienced” by the server issues.

“To all of the players that participated and supported us through this initial phase, we cannot thank you enough. We understand how frustrating it is to be so close to playing the game you are excited for, and to not have it working. The whole team here is very disappointed that we were unable to deliver a proper beta experience this time. Thank you so much for your continued support, and we promise that we will have a better experience for you with the future betas.”

Street Fighter V Beta Postponed Until a Later Date [Capcom-Unity]

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