Capcom is holding another beta for Street Fighter V’s revamped online play

This time on PS4 and PC

About a month ago, Capcom hosted a PC beta for Street Fighter V’s new CFN (Capcom Fighters Network) update. I put some time in with it and wasn’t that impressed. Matchmaking, in general, was pretty broken for the first couple of days and there was still an abundance of lag present in a most matches. As a matter of fact, ranked matches were the worst culprit, though going into non-ranked lobbies was fairly consistent.

Possibly in response to feedback like that, Capcom is holding a second beta round for testing out the “improved” CFN update. Instead of limiting it to PC, this time, the next beta will be heading to PS4 and PC with crossplay. Much like the first beta, all fighters will be unlocked and available for play, including the “I can’t believe its not Eminem” character Ed.

The beta will take place from May 11 to the 14th. I guess it will be available at midnight, because Capcom didn’t mention a time on their blog. They did, however, go into further detail about specific changes you’ll find. I’m not sure how much I care about battle country flags, though, when netplay is what needs the most attention.

Capcom Fighters Network Beta 2 Coming to PS4 and PC, May 11 – 14 [Capcom Unity]

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