Capcom is haunting arcades with Luigi’s Mansion

That sucks in a cool way #VacuumJokes

Luigi’s bringing his ghost-bustin’ vaccum-totin’ ways to a new scene that’s full of noise and flashing lights, and it’s all thanks to Capcom. The GameCube classic Luigi’s Mansion is being refitted for arcades, as indicated by a location test this past weekend.

Apart from these images, not much is known apart from the fact that Capcom is behind the adaption. It’s fairly common practice for Nintendo to license its properties to third-parties for arcade renditions — such as the case with Bandai Namco, which developed the arcade version of Mario Kart.

The other near-certainty with this arcade cabinet is that it probably won’t see the light of day outside of Japan. Anyone in the west that has pangs for Luigi’s Mansion will either have to make the trip overseas, or more affordable, pull that lovable cubed console out of the closet.

“Luigi’s Mansion” appeared in the arcade! Manufacturer’s Capcom [Games Talk via Gematsu]

Brett Makedonski
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