Capcom gets motorcycles and ninjas: acquires Tenchu developers, MotoGP license

Capcom has just scooped up K2, developers of the original feudal Japan stealth action title Tenchu. Through exchange of stock, the company will become a fully owned subsidiary. Gamasutra tells us that the K2 name won’t change, and the CEO, activities, and offices will stay the same. Capcom says that the reason for this acquisition was to “make it possible to allocate development resources more efficiently in response to shifts in market conditions. This is expected to facilitate the strategic development of software and create synergies.”

The Big C has also announced they have the exclusive worldwide publishing rights on the motorcycle racing MotoGP games for all hardware platforms.  When Climax Racing was acquired by Disney Interactive, THQ decided not to renew the MotoGP license. So, Capcom picked up those rights for the next five years. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC, PlayStation 2 and mobile versions for 2008 are now in the works.

K2 and Capcom recently worked together on the additional content for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. What else do you think they have in store? 

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