Capcom forced to delay the Resident Evil Resistance beta on PC and PS4

Xbox is good to go, though

Your Nemesis might be a towering bio-weapon monstrosity, but the nemesis of Capcom right now is those danged technical snafus. Due to unforeseen problems, Capcom has delayed the Resident Evil Resistance open beta on PC and PS4.

There’s no word as to how long Capcom expects the postponement to last, or any specifics as to what’s causing the delay. But, something isn’t working as intended and the curtain isn’t ready to rise on this show. The Martin Sandwich stays in the fridge.

That’s only on two-thirds of platforms, however. The Xbox One open beta is taking place as planned right now. Here’s the link to download the beta on Xbox. It’s scheduled to last until Resident Evil 3‘s launch day on April 3. We’ll update this post when the beta is ready to go on PC and PS4.

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