Capcom-flavored VISA cards make spending money fun!

Here’s a novelty item for those of you who can’t get credit cards but love spending money. Capcom has issued some rather funky pre-paid VISA cards, emblazoned with lovely images from Resident Evil 5, Bionic Commando and Street Fighter IV.

These aren’t really credit cards in the truest sense, since the money is already pre-paid. They’re more like a gift card that can be spent anywhere that accepts VISA. The main benefit to them is that you get to make savings on Capcom products, and earn Capcom Unity Points. Unity Points sound like something a cult leader would issue to his best slaves, so I’m going to assume that is exactly what they are.

If you have a hard-on for things that look like credit cards but aren’t really credit cards, then spend away, friend. Spend, spend away.

Jim Sterling