Capcom finally confirms dates for the Dead Rising remasters

Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Off the Record

We found out about them in July by way of leaks, but Capcom was stalwart, and refused to officially release any real info about the Dead Rising remasters. Until today, that is.

The publisher has confirmed that the remakes for Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will sport 1080p60 visuals, and will include “all previously released DLC costumes.” The trio will all be released at once on PS4 and Xbox One on September 13 (with the original coming to Steam that day as well), priced at $19.99 each, or $49.99 as a triple pack.

It’s all great news, but sadly Capcom has also confirmed that it has no current plans to remaster Case Zero (the prequel to Dead Rising 2, released as a standalone game) or Case West (a DLC that takes place after the second title). Bummer, but I’m jazzed to replay the first one myself with modern visual enhancements — hopefully the load times are quicker too.

Chris Carter
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