Capcom fights lag for Street Fighter IV online

Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has been talking about the problems facing Street Fighter IV‘s development and has admitted that lag during online bouts is a “huge problem” for the game. He stated quite openly that creating the new Street Fighter is a difficult process, but said his team is working on the potential problems.

Obviously lag will be a huge problem for online play. We’re working on it. It’s quite difficult for 3D Street Fighter at the moment,” explained Ono. In order to prevent the lag we’re thinking about trying to balance it up at [the] user interface level and input timing. We still haven’t got a complete plan as yet. We’re still working on it. That’s all we can say at the moment.”

I’m no one-on-one fighting game fan, but I’m tempted to try and master the art for this game, which is looking terrific, even if Chun Li looks like a post-op transsexual. Still, even without considerable lag, the fighting game freaks will complain that the online ruins the game because they can’t accurately predict attacks that they’ve spent eight months studying the framerates of. God, those people make me sick.

James Stephanie Sterling