Capcom confirms Juri’s coming to Street Fighter V on July 26

Straight outta Comic-Con

We knew the wait wouldn’t be long, but now we know that it’ll be exactly five more days. Capcom told us earlier this month that Juri would come to Street Fighter V sometime in July; as it turns out, she’ll be here next Tuesday.

The news was revealed at a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Juri releases on July 26 on both PS4 and Windows PC. Her story and battle costumes will also be available to download then.

As reported by Polygon, Capcom also outlined Juri’s fighting techniques. Her V-Trigger is called Feng Shui Engine Type Alpha, and it cancels her attacks and makes it easier to chain a combo. Her V-Skill is called Kasatsushu, and it teleports her behind opponents. Lastly, her Critical Art is a slicing attack that strikes multiple blows.

Last November, we learned that there would be at least six characters added to Street Fighter V‘s cast post-launch. Juri marks the fifth to release. The only one who’s left is Urien. It’s only a matter of time before he rounds out the roster.

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