Capcom calls Monster Hunter Stories sales ‘soft,’ Resident Evil 4 and 5 still putting in work

RE is evergreen

Resident Evil is a mean green making machine. RE7 just pumped out a few million in sales in its first week, and now, we know that Resident Evil 4 and 5 managed to push even more cash for Capcom when it came to the recent PS4 and Xbox One ports.

According to Capcom, during a nine month period that ended on December 31, 2016, they had a net decrease of 6.2% in sales from the previous year, which they are blaming on “a dip following Monster Hunter X.” They go on to call Dead Rising 4 sales “firm” (which is interesting to note, as it’s a PC/Xbox One exclusive), while calling Monster Hunter Stories (which isn’t out in the west) “soft.”

The publisher hints that they’re going to pivot into VR, and have reorganized their management to ensure “agile business development.” Is that a fancy way of saying “we’re going to port or enhance anything and everything we have?” If so, can we get re-releases of all of those classic Disney NES games, DuckTales Remastered style? I’ve been craving a remake of Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers.

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