Capcom announces iGoogle themes of Mega Man and more

Whoa, is that Mega Man up in my iGoogle? It sure is. Capcom announces two new themes for the iGoogle service today, one being the Mega Man theme you see above (which I wish was blue instead of green, but is still pretty damn cool) and a Street Fighter IV theme. You can change your theme to one of them simply by clicking here for Mega Man and here for Street Fighter. Thanks Capcom, we like free stuff!

Slightly off topic, Google also added chat to the iGoogle page so now you don’t even have to go into Gmail to chat with your friends. What’s up with that, Google? You trying to somehow bring my productivity down even further? Now offices will be blocking the Google home page trying to get people to pay attention to their boring day jobs. You can’t help but laugh at the thought of it.

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