Cannon Fodder 3 announced (Updated)

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[Update: It seems that Cannon Fodder 3 will not be seeing release outside of Russia. I’m going to go and cry now.]

Russian publisher GFI and Codemasters have teamed up to develop a new installment in the classic action series, Cannon Fodder for PC and Xbox 360. In the series, players must lead a small army of easily-killed troops through a variety of combat scenarios. GFI promises Cannon Fodder 3 will feature a “classic isometric environment in full 3D, weather effects, change of time, destructible environment, physical water” and more.

Codemasters has repeatedly attempted to bring new versions of Cannon Fodder to market with limited success. A 3D update was planned for the PSP but scrapped in 2006. Prior to this, another Cannon Fodder 3 had been in development for PlayStation 2, seemingly canceled in 2001 with the closing of their London studio. In fact, the only Cannon Fodder seen since the second game is a cell phone version made by series creator Jon Hare’s Tower Studios in 2004.

Do any of you even remember Cannon Fodder or am I just wasting my breath? There was a version of it for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis which was quite fun and I remember whiling away many an hour playing it on my lightning fast 486SX-2.

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