Cannibal mutant survival game The Forest hits PS4 in November

Bring a friend

We got two great survival games this year with Subnautica and The Forest. One takes place underwater, the other in the wilderness, and both have creepy threats you’ll need to muster up the courage to face.

The Forest made it through Steam Early Access back in April, which Dan summed up as “fun and terrifying all-in-one” in his review. Endnight Games has continued rolling out PC updates, but there’s also a PlayStation 4 port on the docket. We finally have a date: it’s coming November 6, 2018.

Co-op multiplayer will also be supported on PS4, and I love the developer’s wording. “Set out as up to four dads on a horror adventure to find your missing kid. Join together with friends to build, swim, or mess around with turtle-shell sledding in the snow. We now feel multiplayer is the best way to experience The Forest, playing with up to three other friends for the ultimate survival horror experience.”

I figured this would be a bit of a wait given the history of Steam Early Access games making it over to PS4, but November? That’s not too bad. Keep this on your to-play list.

End Night Game [Twitter]

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