Canceled arcade fighter Primal Rage II is now available online

Rage against the cancellation

Primal Rage is the one series I can barely remember playing as a kid (since it released in 1994), but had all of the toys. Atari had a sequel in the works for a planned 1996 release before shelving the project in 1995. Now, twenty years later, it’s available in a fully playable emulator. While there are a few bugs and kinks to work out, naturally, the gameplay is all there. It hadn’t been in a playable state yet, but I’m glad someone out there was working on it for so long. 

The stop motion fighter captured my imagination with apes fighting dinos, and Primal Rage II‘s art style would’ve improved on the series greatly. If you want to see it in action, The Super Best Friends recently spent some time with the game and it definitely looks like something from the 90s. 

You can find the Primal Rage II emulator here

[via Kotaku

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