Can you spot all the 3D Dot Game Heroes parody screens?

From Software’s delicious looking 3D Dot Game Heroes won’t be skimping on the humor when it finally releases. Right down to the loading screens, the game is steeped in self-referential silliness, as these new images from Andria Sang demonstrate.

The game’s loading screens are images of various retro games re-imagined in the 3D Dot Game Heroes art style. You should be able to spot Castlevania and Dragon Quest in there, but what else can you see? Some of these looks really obscure, so I invite you all to take a look at the various screens and try to work out what game From Software is referencing. 

In the meantime, I will continue to sit and wait with an impatiently tapping foot as I anticipate news of the game’s Western release. Atlus, I’m looking in your direction. Make it happen.

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