Can you respec abilities in Armored Core 6 (AC6)? – Answered

Rework your mech!

Wait, respeccing (the art of swapping your passive/active abilities/perks) in Armored Core 6? Yep! In addition to hard-wiring equipment to your mech of choice, you can also fine-tune the OS: which is a fancy way of saying “add more energy/kinetic damage,” or “make your health potions heal more. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the OS system works, and how to swap your abilities around.

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To respec in Armored Core 6, you need to go to the OS tuning menu – and there is a cost

As you progress to Chapter 2, you’ll unlock the “OS Tuning” menu in the garage. To actually make use of the mechanic, you’ll need to take out CPU-controlled combatants in the “arena,” which starts off at the very manageable E-rank before working your way up through the letter system to tougher bouts.

Once you start to acquire more chips, you’ll have the option of spending them in the OS Tuning menu on upgrades. Some particularly useful upgrades cost a pretty penny (five chips), and some only cost one. Take some time to slowly sift through the list and see what you could make use of right now. That’s right: the good news is that you can respec in Armored Core 6.

To do that, you’ll want to press the “reset OS Upgrades” button (Triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox). Note that this respec does come with a cost. It’ll take some cash (COAM) to do it, and having more chips available to you will increase the cost.

Try to get a feel for which combos work best for your playstyle early on, refund a small amount of chips, and then really commit to your build in the mid-to-late game to avoid any headaches.

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