Can you play Dead Island 2 on Xbox Game Pass?

Dead Island 2 April 2023 games

The zombies are back

Dead Island 2 is finally here after a nearly decade-long wait. With such a long development time, some Xbox Game Pass subscribers may be hesitant to pay full price for the game. Unfortunately, for those interested in checking the game out, it probably won’t appear on Xbox Game Pass anytime soon.

Game Pass in April

Microsoft has already confirmed its Xbox Game Pass lineup for April, and Dead Island 2, which releases on April 21, isn’t on the list. We can therefore rule the game out entirely for a day-one Game Pass launch. Even if other major releases have graced the subscription service upon release, Dead Island 2 won’t take this approach.

dead island 2 zombie on the beach
Image via Deep Silver

Furthermore, it’s difficult to say if or when Dead Island 2 will ever be on Game Pass. Some publishers and developers have a solid track record of adding their games to Microsoft’s subscription service after a certain period of time. However, Dead Island 2 publisher Deep Silver’s record is spotty. Its last game, Saints Row, which was released in August 2022, still hasn’t reached Microsoft’s service.

While there aren’t any public plans to add Dead Island 2 to Game Pass currently, the game is reviewing well. If you’re still uncertain about whether the game is worth buying at full price, check out what our own Chris Moyse had to say about it here.

Alternatively, Ghostwire: Tokyo hit Game Pass this month, which may scratch the open-ended horror itch. It features a spectacular recreation of Tokyo filled with zombie-esque enemies to defeat. It’s a day-one launch on Game Pass for Xbox and PC players.

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