Can you pilot Starborn Ships in Starfield

Can you pilot Starborn Ships in Starfield

The Starborn Ships in Starfield seem pretty cool, but can you actually pilot them?

Around the midpoint of the story missions in Starfield, you will encounter a new enemy type: the Starborn. This advanced almost alien-like enemy has a fancy high-tech ship as well. Both the Hunter and the Emissary will pilot this ship, which appears to have powerful weapons and also quickly travels long distances. Once you progress a little further in the story, other Starborn will begin tracking you down and attacking you. Some will even land on the same planet as you and seek you out on foot. With their ship unprotected, you may be thinking about sneaking on board and stealing their ship. But can you pilot Starborn Ships in Starfield?

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Can you pilot stolen Starborn ships?
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Can you pilot stolen Starborn ships?

Unlike your standard ships, the entrance to a Starborn ship can be a bit tricky to find. In fact, you must climb up the wing of the ship to find it. When the Starborn ship lands, you will see one wing that touches down on the ground, creating somewhat of a ramp. Ascending the wing will reveal a black space-looking door to the Starborn ship.

However, if you try to enter the ship, you will get a message indicating that you cannot. Unfortunately, you cannot steal or enter an enemy Starborn ship. There’s nothing you can do to change this, either.

There is hope, though.

The rest of this guide contains spoilers for the end of Starfield, so keep that in mind before continuing.

So can you ever pilot Starborn Ships in Starfield?

Thankfully, you can indeed pilot a Starborn Ship in Starfield. Once you reach the end of the story missions and collect all the Artifacts, you will reach Unity. There you are given the option to sacrifice yourself and be reborn as a Starborn in another universe. Doing so will initiate Starfield’s New Game Plus, which is a bit different than most games.

For starters, you will start as a Starborn, not just a normal Human. Also, you will be granted a Starborn ship, the same one that the Hunter and Emissary are flying around in.

The Starborn Ship has two powerful weapons: a photon laser that melts shields and does some hull damage, and a torpedo that does damage to both. The ship can also quickly boost at high speeds and has an improved Grav Drive that lets you warp to another system very quickly.

Unfortunately, the Starborn Ship you get cannot be upgraded. Therefore, a normal Class C ship with proper upgrades is actually much stronger than the Starborn ship. Even still, the ship is pretty cool and is very unique compared to the others.

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