Can you make Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty easier? There is one option to toggle

Turn off invasions and you’ll have an easier time

Like Team Ninja’s recent Nioh run and the Souls series at large, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty does not have a traditional difficulty toggle. There’s no difficulty setting at all, nor is there an option to swap any individual setting in the game, like a more generous parrying window, for example. But there is one thing you can do to make the game consistently easier: turn off enemy invasions.

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What are invasions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and how you unlock them?

In short, invasions are a mechanic popularized in a modern context by the Souls series, which acts as a form of PVP. Other players, through a variety of means (like an in-game reagent or a menu option), can “invade” other games and cause mayhem; even if that player was in the middle of a stage fighting a miniboss.

In quite a few releases, the only way to unofficially turn this mechanic off is to unplug/sever your internet connection, which precludes you from other online activities. But in Wo Long, you can just turn the option off and still play with friends (or strangers). Keep it in mind the next time you get invaded, and are potentially searching for this article!

To unlock invasions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty for yourself, you’ll need to beat the Zhang Jiao boss in part 2 of the story. From there you can access the invade option at the battle flag, under the online menu.

How to turn off invasions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Unlike many other similar games, you can simply turn off invasions by going to the options menu, then “online settings.” Specifically, the option here is “Invasions by Hostile Players,” which you need to turn to “Do not allow.”

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