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Can you fight with Belle or Wise in Zenless Zone Zero?

What part does the Phaethon play in this fight?

Belle and Wise, also known as the Phaethon, are the driving force of New Eridu as the elite masters of a technological world. However, you may have noticed their absence on the battlefield when it comes to combat. So, to clear up any confusion, we’ve put this guide together to explain if you can fight with Belle or Wise in Zenless Zone Zero.

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Are Belle or Wise playable in combat in ZZZ?

Although Belle and Wise are the main protagonists, you cannot play as them during combat in Zenless Zone Zero. Other characters, like Billy Kid and Lycaon, will be available in their stead as the Phaethon works their magic behind the scenes. But, even if they aren’t accessible in fights, they can still be used in general exploration.

Players will have the choice to play as Belle or Wise. The decision doesn’t necessarily impact gameplay; it just determines who you control. Once you head to New Eridu, you can freely explore a relatively compact area featuring the primary base of the Video Store.

Playing as Belle in ZZZ
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Despite their non-combat features, Belle and Wise can engage in virtual battles in the Godfinger Arcade. While it’s not the same as fighting an actual enemy, it’s a fun way to test their skills in games like Soul Hounds III or Snake Duel.

Belle and Wise have plenty of other points of interest to explore in New Eridu. For instance, you can earn buffs and replenish Battery Charges at the Coff Cafe or buy W-Engines in the Gadget Store. Explore the city to the fullest to unlock new questlines and valuable gear.

As the story unfolds, players will encounter dialogue choices when playing as Belle or Wise. It’s important to note that most decisions won’t significantly alter your journey, so there’s no need to worry about selecting the ‘wrong’ one.

Once you begin a mission, the controls will switch to your playable party. Check out our guide on all free Zenless Zone Zero characters to familiarize yourself with these Agents.

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