Can someone lend me $5500 to buy this House of the Gundead arcade cabinet?

House of the Gundead Cabinets

Can I expense this?

Devolver Digital has begun rolling out their bespoke arcade title, House of the Gundead, and you can order yours today (for $5500).

Drawing from Enter the Gungeon and inspired by House of the Dead, House of the Gundead is a light gun shooter; the type you’d find in bowling alleys. While LCD displays have largely led to a major decline in light gun games, House of the Gundead uses a pair of shiny Shinden light guns for allegedly pixel-perfect aiming. It also has some absolutely fab cabinetry, with great artwork and a big, big 43” screen.

Not only that, but the game itself looks fun. Drawing from the cute, cartoony style of Enter the Gungeon, it’s a far cry from your usual Time Crisis. I’m honestly having difficulty saying more about it because I’m taken in by its visuals.

I really want to play it. It’s too bad arcades are a myth.

I’m hoping House of the Gundead gets ported eventually. I recently put money down on a Sinden light gun because if it does what it says on the box – and I have no reason to believe it doesn’t – then it’s an exciting prospect. I’m not a gun person by any means, but I love the physicality of the experience. At least I can afford one of those. I’m not sure where I’d put an arcade cab in my postage-stamp-sized apartment, but if Devolver would like to send me one for review (wink wink), I would be willing to throw my husband out to make space.

House of the Gundead is available for order right now in arcade cabinet format only.

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