Can an equally-priced Blu-ray player kill off the PS3?

Sony’s one saving grace with the PlayStation 3 — if it ever had one — was the fact that it not only offered a high-powered gaming system, but also the cheapest Blu-ray player you could find. Well, that’s all about to change as standalone Blu-ray players are about to see a drastic price drop that will bring them eye-level with the top-tier PS3 console. From Next-Gen:

Sony has confirmed that in early summer it will be releasing a standalone Blu-ray player for $599 … 

And is Sony worried about the effect this will have on PS3 sales? No way says SCEA PR boss David Karraker.

“Yesterday’s announcement from Sony [to introduce less-expensive Blu-ray players] broadens options for movie lovers and will help to further expand Blu-ray adoption, so it is a benefit to consumers and the company.

“Our research shows that the number-one purchase driver for the PS3 is the ability to play high-definition, next-generation games,” he added. “PS3 has always been about gaming first and foremost.”

Without a solid gaming library by the time Blu-ray players catch up, Sony could be in some real trouble — with or without the PR spin, that’s the truth. 

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