Camp Fangamer celebrates EarthBound’s 25th anniversary for charity

PK Livestream!

A few years back, the folks at Fangamer and held an EarthBound Bash which raised $23,420 for charity. This year, in celebration of EarthBound‘s 25th anniversary, they’re hosting a similar event known as Camp Fangamer. They’ve invited 450 people to come and play EarthBound with them, which will be broadcast live from Tucson, Arizona (because Twoson, get it?).

This weekend-long event kicks off at 10am PDT today and runs until 7pm Sunday. You can watch the fun over on the Fangamer Twitch channel, where they will be announcing charity auctions, hosting interviews with cool guests, and showing off interactive events, gameplay, and live music.

And don’t forget to donate to the event for a chance to win prizes like Mr. Saturn plushes or even a custom built Mother themed arcade cabinet (dang, that thing looks sweet)! All profits benefit the Speak Your Silence charity organization.

Also, check out these amazing piñatas (plus the arcade cabinet) that they created for the event. I’d love to take a swing at that Pokey piñata!

Ben Davis