Cammie Dunaway really is like that … shudder

You should all know Cammie Dunaway by now. I like to refer to her mostly as that woman from Nintendo’s E3 press conference that made me want to claw into my own skull and start haphazardly tearing portions of my brain out. Cammie wants to assure everybody that she really is that grating in real life too! For some bizarre reason, she’s desperate to let the world know that acting like a patronizing primary school teacher is not an act.

“Tell your blog that I’m really a genuinely smiley, nice person. Because people think I’m fake, smiling up there,” that woman explained to Wired in an interview. The “Camminator” is of course the one who led Nintendo’s highly criticized E3 presentation, which was a unique blend of self-aggrandizing and the touting of complete and utter sh*t. 

The interview is worth a read, but that woman doesn’t say much that we haven’t heard from Nintendo before. She tells us we should delete games from our Wii rather than expect new storage space, that the Zelda and Mario teams are hard at work, and in that typical condescending way, tries to tell “core” gamers what they want. Apparently we all love Mario and baseball. I don’t know where she pulled that from. 

It may seem like I’m part of the “Nintendo has abandoned us, SHOW ME YOUR RAGE,” set, but I’m really not. Unlike some people, I didn’t feel betrayed or excluded by Nintendo’s press conference, because I never expected to be included in the first place. It’s like watching an “episode” of Big Brother and expecting to be enthralled by the vapid nonsense that seems to amuse housewives. No, what annoys me is Nintendo’s continued patronization of the so-called “core” gamer. If Nintendo would stop pretending it cared about gamers, it wouldn’t be an issue. Any attempts to prove otherwise have only served as an insult to everyone.  

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