Callisto Protocol has gone gold, ready for release in December

I’m looking forward to getting the crap scared out of me

With every bit of new info we get on Callisto Protocol, the more excited I am to try it out. Despite being a complete scaredy cat, I’m excited to try it out with its stealth mechanics, action-packed gunfights, and the overall promise of a creepy sci-fi adventure a la Dead SpaceCallisto Protocol is now only a few months away from its release date on December 2, and the developers at Striking Distance Studios have announced that the game is ready for players to enjoy. The game has officially gone gold!

Callisto Protocol is the upcoming space horror action game from Glen Schofield, a game dev veteran who has worked on titles like Call of Duty and, of course, Dead Space. It can be scary to branch off and start a new indie studio, but from everything I’ve seen of Striking Distance’s debut title so far, the more faith I have that we’ll have another heavy hitter on our hands.

Going gold used to be something only celebrated internally as studios sent off the final version of the game to go to manufacturing. However, over the past few years, the celebration has extended out to the fans as well, as studios have started announcing their gold status on social media. Studios like Sony Santa Monica, Gearbox, and CD Projekt Red, for example, are some of the developers who have announced going gold in the past. This stage of a game’s release doesn’t always ensure a game won’t still be delayed, but it’s still a pretty big, important step regardless.

Striking Distance also recently announced that Callisto Protocol will have a 60 FPS performance mode, which means we’ll get to see every gruesome bit of bloody gore in smooth, smooth detail. Apparently the gore in this game was inspired by footage of real-life car accidents, which is easy to believe after seeing some of those death animations.

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