Calling all indie devs: The Pax 10 is now taking game submissions

As a reader, it may not seem like today has been any slower in terms of news than usual, but trust us when we say that it most certainly has been. As such, this story isn’t going to directly pertain to very many of you. My advice? Toughen up, cupcake.

If you happen to be one of our readers with a hot new independent game on your resume, listen up. PAX’s showcase of indie games, The Pax 10, is now accepting submissions and will continue to do so until May 9.

From there, a panel of 50 industry pros including Gabe and Tycho will narrow the entries down to 10 titles. The winners are being announced sometime in July and will have the opportunity to put their work on display at PAX 2009 (September  4 – 6).

Last year, The Maw ending up being the big winner. Have any thoughts as to what might be popular this year?

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